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The aim of our concept is to provide education in the field of IT in the rural areas of the world As we all know that lot of institutions around us are only concentrating on providing their services to the urban and developed cities.

The students in the rural areas are left behind, Our organization which was started in the rural area once is therefore concentrating on developing such rural areas so that the students in those areas should withstand the competitors of the urban and city areas, and make as many as professionals out of the in this field. Finding the solution for unemployment problem is the fundamental thought of our organization by creating various employment opportunities in the IT sector.

Gulonline | Gatway To Universal Learning is intended to start free educational services to the needy and poor aspirants in the upcoming years once it holds the ground in the present market.

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If you have any questions on how you can start working with us and how it will look like you can either browse our FAQ section or contact us via our contact form.

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