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Gulonline is in the Web as well as Teaching services from the year 2000.The founder of the Gulonline is Mr. Manish Rathod and his younger brother Mr. Bhavesh Rathod is the back bone. Now it has came forward with concept of online Computer training. It is specially design for the people who want to train their skills of IT being at their own place.

Mr. Manish Rathod is the founder of Gulonline | Gatway To Universal Learning, he has the teaching and Marketing experience of more than 10 years. He is involved in spreading the education based on IT industry to the students of rurals areas of Manpur and Mohala regions of Chhattisgarh District for last 10 years. His activities involve teaching the basic knowledge of computers, Ms Office, Visual Basic, C, C++, C#, Foxpro, Java Script as well as basics of HTML. He approved his ability to translate and teach the courses in Hindi (Indian National Language).

Mr. Bhavesh Rathod is the back bone of Gulonline | Gatway To Universal Learning. He involve with the administration as well as project handling for lasr decade. He is well experienced with web site designing and online project handling, all the websites that has been designed by the so far are created and maintained by him. He is expertised in HTML, CSS, Flash and Swish, Java Script, Photoshop, fireworks, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal etc.

Mr. Prasanna Fadnis has the experience of more than 15 years in the field of IT. He is the founder of VIEKE | Visual Interface for Education & Knowledge Exchange an online library. He is involved in spreading free online educational resources to the needy aspirants. He is well experience in Hardware, Networking as well as Programming and expertised in HTML, CSS, Java Script, Flash and Swish, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, ASP, PHP and MYSQL etc.

Mrs. Bhavani Fadnis has the background of legal studies she is involved with the legal matters of the organization as well as documentation etc she spent her spare time in gathering and updating the content of the services VIEKE | Visual Interface for Education & Knowledge Exchange with the study materials as much as possible. Her experience includes with the teaching. She teaches the students with the frameworks such as jQuery and Mootools etc.

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If you have any questions on how you can start working with us and how it will look like you can either browse our FAQ section or contact us via our contact form.

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